About Sonoma County Taiko

The Start
In 1994 Kodo performed at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts. In the audience were three that would create Sonoma County Taiko. The following spring they contacted Tiffany Tamaribuchi of Sacramento Taiko Dan to arrange for a workshop at Enmanji Buddhist Temple. Sacramento Taiko Dan brought taiko and taught a wonderful workshop to 30 participants. The attendees of the workshop were contacted a couple of months after and asked if they would like to continue to learn and play taiko. There were a dozen that did. With the support of the Japanese American Citizen’s League, Sonoma County Chapter and Enmanji Buddhist Temple the group was started. Over the next months the group practiced patterns taught by Taiko Dan and gleaned from video tapes on used tires tied to folding chairs.

Community Support
With support from Enmanji Temple and the Japanese American Citizens League Sonoma County Chapter (JACL) the group of people that came together to learn taiko was able to grow. Our practice space was the community hall at Enmanji we were granted startup funds by the JACL with which we were able to build our first several wine barrel taiko. With these funds the group was able to build their first taiko.

Continuing development
Tiffany Tamaribuchi, being our friend and our first teacher suggested that a few of us gain more experience by training with Sacramento Taiko Dan or Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka and San Francisco Taiko Dojo. The first members to go to SFTD for training were Bruce and Arnold Shimizu, Mark Tabata and Rocky Mitarai. They would make the trip to South San Francisco each week to learn new skills and repertoire as well as the etiquette and culture of Taiko Dojo. From this training the culture of SCT was being developed.

Growing and evolving
As time goes on the organization needs to reflect and respond to the changes that it confronts. Sonoma County Taiko is continually looking to create and bolster the the ways to be the most effective at delivering its mission. In 1997 the fledgling group produced their first Taiko Camp and festival. With the community’s support and guidance and support from Tanaka Sensei, Tiffany Tamaribuchi and the tireless effort of the members this first camp began an event that Sonoma County Taiko is remembered fondly for. The challenges encountered and surmounted through these events helped forge SCT’s identity and reputation. In 2005 SCT celebrated it’s tenth anniversary. To mark this milestone a full concert was produced featuring all of the members of Sonoma County Taiko. This was the first time the group were the sole performers at a full concert. Preparation took most of a year and produced an awe inspiring performance. In 2010 Sonoma County Taiko produced “Tomodachi” their fifteenth anniversary concert. To help the celebrate SCT drew together their friends for a concert that displayed an amazing range of talent and artistry. Included in the show were Taiko Ren, Ensohza Minyoushu, and Tenten taiko,

Into the future
The future of Sonoma County Taiko depends on the passion with which our members pursue each of their own pathway in taiko. With that love for the various aspects of this art-form we gather a community that reflects the best and fullest natures within us all.

Our first mission

To learn share and promote Taiko as a cultural art-form.

Our mission as of 2015

To build a community of acceptance, harmony, and respect through our love of taiko.

Building a community of acceptance, harmony, and respect through our love of taiko.