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Our classes have been established to introduce members to the art and culture that is taiko. We welcome anyone with an interest in participating. We’ll take you through the basics and accompany you through an exploration of the many aspects of taiko playing and performing. Our members have also discovered aspects of themselves that they didn’t expect. As members progress they are welcome to volunteer for performances and take advantage of our other training and practice opportunities.

Visitors always welcome to observe classes – please contact us before visiting.

Taiko Basics (Introductory Level)

Next Taiko Basics for Saturday April 1st 11am-12pm
Limited intro indoor with roll-up doors open if weather & temperature permits.
class Maximum 10 participants
Please contact us with any questions
Dates for 2023 upcoming taiko basics classes Apr 1, May 6, Jun 3. Jul 1, Aug 5, Sep 2, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2.
Schedule subject to change.

COVID-19 safety Policy
Revised January 2023 all participants with Sonoma County Taiko must provide proof of primary vaccination and first booster. Additional Covid boosters and flu vaccination are recommended.
Proof provided may be  vaccination card or image of same, or digital proof. Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms. If you do come down with anything following attendance please notify us immediately.

Class Description
As the county opens up and eases restrictions we will be offering a 1 hour outdoor introductory class.  We will be masked, distanced and outdoors.
Taiko Basics covers how we prepare ourselves to play taiko. How taiko and the way we approach and learn is also addressed in the context of Japanese culture. No previous experience necessary.
Space is limited to 10 participants. Advanced reservation required.
|If you would like to join SCT as a member your first month will be pro-rated to include the fee for Taiko Basics ($30).
See listing for Adult Level 1 Beginners class for more information.

*Saturday Class
Check-in: 10:45 am Class 11 am – 12 pm
Location: Sonoma County Taiko 3325 Regional Parkway Suite #11 Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Fee: $20

**ONLINE REGISTRATION SPECIAL** Register NOW for Taiko Basics and receive $5 off of your class fee. Please include preferred dates with your registration

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Taiko Basics
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Adult level 1 A-1 (Beginning Level)


Saturdays Ongoing: 12:45 – 1:45 pm

Class Description

Upon joining as a member this first level class will develop fundamental practice of playing and performing taiko. We will focus on the basics of taiko, basic drills, basic songs, incorporating connectedness to the nature, body, self and peers (co-players). We will be continuously search/discover/explore our center and presence, and hopefully integrate all the elements into an art-form. This is an ongoing class and group members will advance to the next level on an individual basis according to the skills and training they acquire. If you are joining immediately following Taiko Basics attendance you may choose the Prorate Mem option for your first month. 

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*note a $3 convenience fee is applied

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Youth Taiko (Beginning Level)

Fridays Ongoing: 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Class Description Ages 12-16 : We will explore the basics of taiko and experience Japanese culture through the practice.
Membership Dues $45 monthly

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KIds Classes

Date-time (TBA)

Class Description
Ages 7-12

Do you love loud, joyful drums? Taiko means big drum in Japanese. Did you know that Taiko drums can “talk?“ In our high energy class we will learn movements, songs, stories, and games that make Taiko and Japanese culture fun. Taiko drumming can increase a child’s self-esteem, respect for others, and improve listening as movement skills. Playing Taiko is also a great way to meet new friends.  Wear comfortable gym clothing, soft-soled shoes, and bring a water bottle to class. The adult bringing you to class is welcome to stay and watch.

Adult General A-G (Intermediate / Advanced)


Saturdays Ongoing: 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Class Description

This is our main class where skills are honed and new material is introduced as well as practices related to staging and performing taiko.  

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Open Rehearsal (Supplemental - Beg-Adv)

Mondays and Wednesdays: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Class Description

Weekly rehearsal classes. In this class the members of the group prepare a performance set and practice all aspects of presenting it in public. All current members are welcome to participate or observe.


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Pop up Class

Mondays upon notification
Time: TBA

Please contact us if you are interested in more information

Classes will vary in content and instruction. The classes are offered on a rotating by notification basis.

COVID-19 safety Policy
Revised January 2023 all participants with Sonoma County Taiko must provide proof of primary vaccination. Additional boosters and flu vaccination recommended.
Proof provided may be  vaccination card or image of same, or digital proof. We will be maintaining distancing guidelines and masking protocols as well.

Current proposed offerings:

  • Harmony & Taiko Class: Instructor Miwa Smith
    • Let’s create harmony by playing taiko together. We will focus on details, sounds you create. Listen to your own sound, mind, body and spirit. Listen to one another, listen to the sound of nature, and feel the vibe together on a deeper level.
  • Odori (japanese Folk-dance): with Alexa Riner and Irma Spars
    • Learn some common folk-dances that are performed during the Summer Obon Festivals.
  • Family Taiko
    • TBA
  • Adaptive Taiko
    • TBA

Class fees are included in SCT membership or by drop-in of $20 (.98¢ fee for Paypal)

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Private Group Introductory Class

You can schedule a private class for your group of 5-10 participants
1 hour introductory taiko class $20 per participant

Please contact us at least one month in advance
We can schedule the class around your group.

May 2023

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Building a community of acceptance, harmony, and respect through our love of taiko.